Africa and the Middle East is a region for experiencing the new, the unique and the surprising.

Africa and Middle East

Africa and the Middle East, where bustling souks and surfing hotspots, modern cities and ancient cultures, incredible wildlife and sandy shores come together in a collision of colour, sights and smells that will exhilarate the senses.
This is a region that is rich in heritage and hidden gems. From the monumental elegance and serenity of Egypt's pyramids to vivid bazaars and fragrant spice markets, there is always something to delight and intrigue in Africa and the Middle East.
Morocco, so close to Europe yet worlds apart. Here, haunting Kasbahs, with their distinctive mud brick towers punctuating the landscape, contrast with the vibrant markets at the heart of gated medinas. Israel's Red Sea coast provides year-round opportunities to dive amongst some of the world's most spectacular coral reefs.
Kenya offers the chance to experience, at close hand, heart-stopping encounters with the grace and power of big-game animals. Then there is South Africa, where the majesty of Table Top Mountain provides an awesome backdrop to cosmopolitan Cape Town and its breathtaking sunsets.
Africa and the Middle East is a region for experiencing new things, in new places, amidst historical cities and ancient cultures.
Where ancient wonder meets modern life
A dazzling blend of past and present
Unspoilt vistas and sophisticated cities
The jewel in the Middle East's crown
Unforgettable safaris and mesmerising landscapes
Paris of the Orient
Crystalline waters, coral reefs and tropical sands
An enchanting land full of sights, smells and sounds
Wild and strikingly beautiful
Endless horizons and dramatic landscapes
Cosmopolitan cities and warm, white sands
The place to live out lifelong dreams
The charming home of safari
Mouth-watering food and awe-inspiring history
Crystalline waters and coral reefs
Luxury and indulgence
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