Let Silverpoint open you to the sheer diversity of Northern and Central Europe; a continent of contrasts

Central and Northern Europe

Immerse yourself in the sheer diversity of Northern and Central Europe; a continent of contrasts, of vibrant, contemporary cities and medieval villages, of breathtaking natural landscapes and architectural triumphs, of sophistication and of rustic beauty.
The glorious changing seasons breathe life into some of the world's most spectacular scenery. Majestic mountain ranges, mystical forests, magnificent coastline, glorious lakes and cascading waterfalls provide endless opportunities to experience the natural wonders of this varied continent.
From Switzerland's sublime snow-capped mountains and flower-strewn meadows to Scotland's deep blue lochs and enchanting heather-clad moors, Northern and Central Europe is hauntingly beautiful.
Amongst the natural splendour lie exciting cities such as London, Paris, Budapest, Bruges, and Amsterdam, all of which pulsate with their own unique sense of heritage and culture. Cathedrals and palaces, monuments and castles, theatres and museums provide wonderful architectural insights into the rich, cultural history of this continent.
With the glamorous allure of resorts such as the French Riviera and Lake Geneva, with staggering examples of some of the world's finest art and classical music, with exquisite food and wines, alpine air and the land of the midnight sun, it is a place to ski, to swim, to climb, to dance. It is a place to love, to taste, to laugh, to learn. It is a place to discover.
Nature, culture and spellbinding scenery
A rich history at the crossroads of Western Europe
A timeless gem in the heart of Europe
Calm, culture and conviviality
Where past meets present in majestic style
Glistening lakes, flower-filled meadows and incredible skiing
Seductive charm meets joie de vivre
Rich heritage and exciting modernity
Timeless elegance and engaging beauty
A mythical land that will take your breath away
One of the most captivating destinations in Europe
The breathtaking Land of the Midnight Sun
Gothic charm blends with cosmopolitan energy
Mountains and moors, castles and culture
Alpine meadows, sunkissed shores and fabulous architecture
Cosmopolitan city life alongside dramatic landscapes
A heady mix of romance and glamour
Stunning beaches, fascinating history and a warm welcome
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