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At Silverpoint Vacation Club we pride ourselves on our incredible customer service. We place the utmost importance on interaction with our members to ensure that we continue to deliver the excellent service you expect.
We want to hear about your experiences with us, good or otherwise - it's how we drive consistently high standards, and it helps us stay informed of current consumer trends and preferences. We want to make your holiday time the best it can be, so we listen with a well-trained, supportive ear.
Through a variety of methods including web-based questionnaires and surveys, we receive a flow of information from our member base on a range of factors so that we can strive to maintain our exceptional service and incredible attention to detail.
Of course, we are also at the end of the phone any time you have a query or concern regarding any element of your holiday. We'd love to hear from you so we can make your next trip even better.
At Silverpoint we take great pleasure in going above and beyond to bring you an incredible, unforgettable holiday.
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