From the diversity of the United States to the wildnerness of Canada

North America and Caribbean

A veritable melting pot of cultures awaits you on the immense, sprawling land mass that is the United States of America.
Nowhere on earth will you find more variety than here, the Land of Opportunity. From breathtaking canyons, vast open skies and rolling vineyards to exotic beaches, bustling cities and the thrills and spills of the theme parks - you could spend a lifetime exploring the many facets of this, the second largest continent on the planet.
Neighbouring Canada is home to some of the world's most dramatic scenery. If you're in search of the great outdoors, then this is the place to visit. The Canadians are immensely proud of their country, and for good reason - from the incredible Rocky Mountains to Niagra Falls and the phenomenal Northern Lights, Canada will take your breath away.
The Americas' more chilled out neighbour, the Caribbean, offers a heavenly cocktail of sandy shores, coral reefs and tropical forest. Whether it's swimming with dolphins in clear blue lagoons in the Bahamas or sipping a rum cocktail under starry skies in Jamaica, you'll feel relaxed and invigorated in this laid-back paradise.
An exhilarating combination of natural wonder and cultural diversity, this part of the world truly has it all.
An awesome blend of beauty and adventure
Laid-back life and silky sands
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