From Tabletop Mountain to trendy beaches, let South America awaken your soul

South America

South America is a place with spirit, a zest for life, a place of passion, a place where every adventure has its own soundtrack. The heat is turned up on Brazilian beaches with the sound of the Samba and Lambada, Argentina is defined by the fiery dominance of its Tango and the Colombian streets pulsate with the rhythm of the Salsa.
Beyond the beats, South America has its own unique rhythm; the sounds of the Amazon rainforests, crashing surf, the Mardi Gras, the sounds of magnificent waterfalls, impassioned football stadiums and buzzing cities.
South America is a traveller's paradise. Its great expanse incorporates gorgeous landscapes that are truly diverse. What is more, they include the planet's highest waterfall, largest river, longest mountain range and largest rainforest. The Andes, the Amazon, Rio's Sugarloaf Mountain and Brazil's Iguazza Falls, these are merely a handful of the many breathtaking natural wonders of this astonishing continent.
The beaches are some of the most incredible in the world. Pure, white shores trimmed with palms, uninhabited tropical islands, jungle-fringed coastline and trendy beaches form South America's amazing coast.
South America is a continent that awakens the senses, enlivens the spirit and breathes life into the soul.
Where emerald forests meet spectacular waterfalls
The most traditional country in South America
Alive with music - and the greatest biodiversity on the planet
The most astonishing diversity imaginable
A no-holds barred reawakening of the senses
It will steal the heart and fire the imagination
A treasure trove of untouched wilderness
A melting pot of different cultures, races and traditions
Spectacular coastlines and historic towns
The inspiration for legends and novels
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