From the Canary Islands to Spain and from Italy to the Algarve: Silverpoint brings you Southern Europe's best resorts

Southern Europe

When you think of Southern Europe you might imagine the glorious sun-kissed beaches of Spain, the Canary Islands and Greece. You might conjure up images of world-class golf courses on Portugal's Algarve. You might picture the glitz of sparkling resorts such as Marbella and Puerto Banus. You may even be aware of the fabulous skiing opportunities in the winter months.
You would be right in imaging these things. Southern Europe has all of this to offer, but, it also has so much more. There are the stunning mountain ranges in Tenerife where the clear, pine-scented air provides respite from the beating sun. There are the staggeringly pretty white-washed villages, littering the hillsides of Greece. There is the rich history of Malta to be found in its imposing fortified cities. There is the timeless glamour of the Italian lakes and Sardinian coast. There are countless, breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Sites and there are the ancient archaeological monuments along Turkey's Aegean Coast.
Southern Europe is about spirit, about passion, about pleasure. It is the home of classical civilizations, the land of Tuscan adventures and Greek Odysseys. It is where history comes alive and where the young and the beautiful dance on the beaches until dawn.
Dramatic landscapes blessed by eternal spring
Aphrodite's island of love - the warmest in the Mediterranean
The enchanting birthplace of Western civilisation
Alluring, stylish, magnificent
The land of traditional hospitality and vibrant spirit
The simple joys of living, under a sub-tropical sun
A contagious blend of noise, colour and passion
A tapestry of colour and energy
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